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Anatomy Atlases: Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section 6: Pelvis, Perineum, Hip, and Upper Thigh

Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section: Section 6. Pelvis, Perineum, Hip, and Upper Thigh

Plate 6.11

Ronald A. Bergman, Ph.D., Adel K. Afifi, M.D., Jean J. Jew, M.D., and Paul C. Reimann, B.S.
Peer Review Status: Externally Peer Reviewed

Plate 6.11

Upper Left Quadrant

Lower Left Quadrant

Lower Right Quadrant

Upper Right Quadrant

1. Pubis
2. Obturator externus m. (first appearance)
3. Pectineus m.
4. Embalming site artifact
5. Sartorius m.
6. Femoral nerve
7. Obturator a. and v. and obturator nerve
8. Rectus femoris m. and tendon

9. Tensor fascia lata m.
10. Femoral neck
11. Articular cavity
12. Ischium
13. Trochanteric bursa of gluteus maximus m.
14. Gluteus maximus m.
15. Inferior gemellus m.
16. Tendon m. obturator internus
17. Superior gemellus m.
18. Sciatic nerve
19. Inferior gluteal a. and w.
20. Posterior (femoral) cutaneous nerve (of thigh)
21. Reflected tendon of obturator internus m. in lesser sciatic notch
22. Levator ani m.
23. Pudendal plexus
24. Coccygeus m. and seminal vesicle
25. Urinary bladder
26. Tunica muscularis of rector wall
27. Rectal ampulla

28. Coccyx
29. Coccygeus m.
30. Seminal vesicle
31. Obturator internus m. and tendon
32. Pudendal a. and v. and pudendal nerve
33. Ischium, lesser sciatic notch
34. Obturator internus m. bursa
35. Tendon m. obturator internus
36. Acetabulum, articular cavity, and articular cartilage
37. Sciatic nerve
38. Inferior gemellus m.
39. Dorsal skin (compare thickness with 54)
40. Quadratus femoris m. (first appearance)
41. Gluteus maximus m.
42. Greater trochanter of femur
43. Tendon m. gluteus minimus
44. Gluteus medius m.
45. Femoral neck and articular cavity of acetabulum

46. Tensor fascia lata m.
47. Femoral head
48. Iliofemoral ligament
49. Rectus femoris m.
50. Lateral (femoral) cutaneous nerve (of thigh)
51. Iliopsoas m.
52. Sartorius m.
53. Obturator membrane and ligamentum teres femoris
54. Ventral skin (compare thickness with 39)
55. Femoral a. and v. and femoral nerve
56. Obturator a. and v., obturator nerve, and obturator foramen
57. Pectineus m.
58. Spermatic cord
59. Pubic tubercle
60. Pyramidalis m.
61. Pubic symphysis, interpubic disk

This section passes through the coccyx (28), the lesser sciatic notch, the acetabulum (36), the head (47) and neck (45) of the femur on the left side and the inferior edge of the acetabulum on the right side. The cut passes through the obturator foramen (56) and membrane (53) and the pubic symphysis (61).

Note the relationship between the inferior gluteal blood vessels (19), sciatic nerve (18, 37), the tendon of the obturator internus muscle (21, 35), the gemelli muscles (15, 17, 38), quadratus femoris (40), and the gluteus maximus muscle (14, 41). Recall that all these structures receive their blood supply, in part or entirely, from branches of the inferior gluteal vessels.

The inferior gluteal artery also assists in forming the cruciate anastomosis that forms around the neck (10, 45) and greater trochanter (42) of the femur. This involves the first perforating and lateral and medial femoral circumflex branches of the femoral artery (55) in addition to the inferior gluteal artery (19). The inferior gluteal vessels arise from the internal iliac vessels and traverse the lesser sciatic foremen (33) to leave and enter the pelvis.

The quadratus femoris (40) and obturator externus (2) muscles appear for the first time in this section.

Note the relationship between the obturator nerve (7, 56) and blood vessels (7, 56) and the obturator externus (2) and pectineus (3, 57) muscles. The obturator nerve innervates and obturator blood vessels supply, among others, these two muscles.

The trochanteric bursa of the gluteus maximus muscle can be seen.

Compare the thickness of the skin on the ventral surface (54) of the body with that on the dorsal surface (39).

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